Save Aadhar Card, PAN Card and Driving License in this way only in mobile, no worries of being lost or stolen

 Aadhaar card, PAN card and driving license are important documents connected with everyone's life. This document can be very difficult to create if lost. That is why it is very important to preserve these documents. If you are afraid of losing or stealing Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Driving License or any other required document, here we are showing you an easy way to save your important documents.

The Government of India has also launched an app in this regard. This app is called Digilocker or Digital Locker. With this app you can keep all your documents safe and secure here. So let's find out more about it

  • How to create an account on DigiLocker
  • First go to or
  • Then click on Sign Up on the left side.
  • A new page will open, enter the mobile number
  • The OTP will then come to the DigiLocker registered mobile number.
  • Then set the username and password.
  • Now you can use DigiLocker.
  • DigiLocker app you can download on Android's Google app and Apple App Store.

How Do DigiLocker Upload Documents

  1. Log in to DigiLocker.
  2. Go to Uploaded Documents on the right and click on upload.
  3. Write a brief description of the document.
  4. Click the upload button.

How safe is Digi Locker

If we talk about the security of Digilocker, Digilocker is as safe as our bank account or net banking. In Digilocker we have to create a user ID and password. Then we have to link it with Aadhaar card. This mobile number also has to be registered. Only after doing all these processes will you be able to create your account in Digilocker.

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